Tal Friend!

New Adira Profile
A tall bond comes to greet you at the table where you sit.  Her long curly locks of blond hair falls haphazardly about her naked shoulders hiding the hint of bare breasts beneath the soft curls.  She carries a pitcher full of an amber liquid.  Its contents smelling of the sweet and spiced mead that she offers to serve you.

“What is your name, girl?” you ask her.  She turns her dark eyes to your face and smiles a sweet and sultry smile.  Her long lashes framing the insightful orbs of brown.

“I am called Adira, jarl.” she shifts her weight accentuating the supple curves of her body as she pours your horn full to the brim of the mead that causes your mouth to water.  Her eyes are expressive as she is intent on serving you.  Her arms and legs both are as muscular and strong as her skin is soft and feminine.  This is no pleasure slave.  She is beautiful and sensual but not like the soft whining slaves of the south.  She is a bond, strong, vibrant and full of life.  THIS girl knows what she is and she is happy in her lot.

“You have always been a bond, girl?”  you ask her.   She looks down at you puzzled by the interest in her but smiling.

“No, jarl, I was once a free women.” she simply states with no hint of regret in her voice.  You pat the your thigh and point to the ground at your feet.  “Tell me about you, sweet bond.”  She smiles widely and sets the pitcher on the table then with grace of a mountain larl she kneels at your feet, knees separated in the style of an open girl close enough that the warmth her body can be felt on your legs.  She looks up into your eyes and in a voice soft and melodic she tells you her tale.

“I was born on the Fifth Passage Hand of the month of En’kara high in the Hrimgar moutains as Astryyd Dalgaard.  My parents from my understanding were barbarians brought to Gor long ago.  My mother was killed or taken in raids and my father was a brewer of exquiste talent.” she smiles proudly talking about her parents.  She continues, “My father moved me and a few others from our village to the most brutal and remote parts of the Hrimgar to protect us.  He educated me and taught me his trade.” she nods to the mead that fills your horn and smiles again.

She pauses for a moment and her eyes glisten with the slightest hint of tears before she continues.  Her voice lowers and she finds it hard to keep her eyes to yours but she does.  “My village was destroyed down to the last man, all killed save me.” The memory hurts the girl, you can tell.

“This is when you were taken to collar?” you ask her.  A smile crosses her lips as she answers, “Oh no Jarl.  This girl remained ‘free’ leaving the mountains and making her way to the villages south to set up her own brewing business which she did and quite successfully.”  Her words were not so much boasting at they were stating fact, you can tell.  She glances over her shoulder to the man at the head of the tables and smiles.  A dark haired jarl with bright blue eyes who watches our exchange.

“My Jarl freed me later, jarl, once the villages that I was in had again fallen.” she smiles huge at the Jarl, whose table you eat at this evening.  Raising a horn to him and making the fist of Thor over it nodding in thanks for his hospitality.  You then touch the girls face and she leans slightly into your touch.  “Thank you for the story.  You are a good girl and a credit to your Jarl.  Run along back to your work and your Jarl.”

With a giggling smiles, she rises and kisses you on the cheek.  “Thank you Jarl!  Enjoy your time at the Aett.”  She bounces off back to her duties to later sit on the arm of her Jarls chair and serve him passionately.

You have found the chronicles of my life both as a free and a bond.  Read them at your leisure but judge me not.  I am a bond and as such free to speak of my adventures and feelings and all of the wonderful things that we call life.  Join me on my journeys for there is so much adventure that lay ahead!

(This is my Second Life character who plays in the world of Gor Northern realm.  If you are curious about Gor, check out some of my information pages.  There are also plenty of websites that tell you about the world.  You can also read the Books of Gor by John Norman.  My role play is taken from Book 9- Mauraders of Gor)

Welcome to the Aett!!



One comment on “Tal Friend!

  1. BryanR Rickena (in sl) says:

    Wonderful topaz and well written a joy to read

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