A Sad Goodbye

Astryyd packs the last of her few belongings and lashes them tightly together.  She looks around the brewery, the floors and walls bare but for the loom that leans against one wall.  She will have to make another once she finds a new place to settle.  She hears the horn at the docks and taking a deep breath of resignation she gathers the large pack onto her back and leaving the building she had called home for some time.  Vahalla Cliffs had offered her a place to belong, a haven.  Wolf and the other men of the village offered a protection that she would now have to live without.  She thinks on the black smith whom she had not seen sense he and his girl had gone south the last time and her heart saddens.  He had told her he would take her with him next time but she could not wait.  She was determined to make a name as a master brewer and she wanted to leave before word got out that the village was weak.  That opened a place for raids and she was not about to caught in that crossfire.  Perhaps he would return and find the note that she left at the forge for him and Deka.

Without looking back, she walked with a proud stride toward the docks.  She did not want any to see the tears that threatened to dampen her cheeks.  The boat was preparing to leave as she climbed the gang plank and settled her belongings in a corner.  She motioned the worker on the dock to load the last of the Peppermint and Gingerbread Mead.  He asked about the last small cask of Pumpkin mead…….”Leave it for Wolf.  It was his favorite.”  She turned away as the tears would not be held back.  She settled herself on a bench and looked out on the river not really knowing where she was going but south.  It was to be a great adventure she told herself lying.  Knowing that without a companion or a hired Axe she was the most vulnerable as she was likely to ever be and she was scared.

The horn sounded again and the boat pushed away from the dock taking her from the first place Astryyd would call home.  Closing her eyes and whispering to the winds, “Goodbye, perhaps our paths will meet again.”