Funny Quote of the Month

As I was going through the class notes from the class last week, I had to stop, clasping my hands over my mouth and stop myself from laughing outloud…….Some how I missed this post though I did see the cause of it.  So because the most hysterical things come out of the mouth of little barbarians…..

“Holy shitballs! The Jarl is riding a dinosaur!” ~Snow

I only wish I had gotten a picture of him riding the thing through the center of the village and all of his girls standing there gaping at him……snickers.


Working hard

The bonds and the Jarl are working hard to grow the new Aett.  As we learn more about the G&S System, we realize how incredibly indepth it can be.  Here are some of the things that we have learned:

  • The food has set energy values that it will give you.  They are posted with the recipes on this website.
  • ALL of the fields (Suls, Grain, Rence and Kalana tree)  need to be cared for by using the “Caring Fields” on the Role Play feature on your RP-HUD.  They all need to have a care value of 2/2 to grow quickly and productively.  The Rence will damn near stop production if the Care gets to 1/2.
  • Using the Sickle gives you a +2 to the Caring Fields roll.  You can run it down to 0% before you need to hand it back to the Jarl for him to fix.
  • Caring for the fields uses energy so take food with you to replenish.  You don’t want to get below 50% or you will start failing.
  • The animals will GRAZE and improve their food and water and thus their Happiness level if you take them out to pasture.  Click on them to get the menu, then click MOVEMENT and FOLLOW.  They will follow you around while you do stuff and ‘graze’.  That is a neat feature.
  • The Rence is PICKY about where it is placed.
  • The Rence and the Kalana Tree have LEVELS.  The more you care for them, the more they increase in levels and that gives you a better shot at getting better yield from them.

Some of the features that we have added to make role play more fun and easier:

  • First, we have created a second group, one specific for tending to the G&S stuff.  It was required as we have to invite people to the Aett of the Ursa group so they can access the land but we don’t want everyone having access to our fields, livestock and production machines.  You will need to switch back and forth sometimes.  Inconvenient but necessary.
  • There is a book and two platters in the kitchen that will rezz individual ingredients for cooking on the stove.
  • There is a tall cabinet for storage of Suls and Grain Sacks, boxes of Meat, baskets of eggs, etc.  Basically, anything that has multiple uses in it.
  • There is a ‘cold storage’ box out back of the long hall for storing Milk as it needs to be kept cold 🙂
  • There is a short shelf with breads on it in the kitchen where you can store the cooked foods that you make.
  • Everyone should have a sickle for Caring for Fields.
  • There is a menu board up with meals in it that if you click on it, it will give you the food listed until it runs out.  There is about 5 of each in there right now for quickness of getting meals when we have company.

As we add more things and do more stuff, I will post about it.

Right now, living on the Aett is Jarl Bjorn Hammerhand and his 5 bonds, Nara, Adira, Snow, Skye and Tania (formerly the free women, Ragnbjorg), Jarl Indyalan.  Jarl Loken and Jarl Grimr on occasion visit.  We have been working to build trade and roleplay relationship with other Torvies and other users of the G&S System.  If you have an idea of a place we can go or people we can invite to play, PLEASE share them with Jarl Bjorn and Adira.

We are very much looking forward to the role play that we can build here on our home.  We do not charge folks for staying with us but will gladly take donations for the Donation Slut at the end of the dock.  If you want to come play, IM Bjornfellhanded or astryyd for a tag.

Player Bio- Snow

Born of Earth, Kali is a namesake of the goddess she serves. She was the daughter of a fisherman and the wife of Vishal, an up-and-coming chai walla at a nearby call center.
One day, she fell asleep on her little fishing boat. She awoke in a strange and harsh world that was, above all, cold. “Rescued” by the Jarl of the Ursa and his bond Adira, Snow now struggles to reconcile her past with her present.

Player Bio- Nara

naraNara was born as Catrina Derring. Originally from Earth, brought to Gor on a slaver’s ship where she ended up at a Kajira school for pleasures slaves in the deep south.

Renamed Cat, she learned and became a pleasure slave to the healer of the school.  Several months had passed when one night a northern brewer and her hired hand came to the school looking for exotic fruit and ended up taking her with them in the middle of the night. For a brief time they lived in the village of Jarnheim until it was raided and destroyed. Getting separated, she finds herself meeting face to face, with Jarl Bjorn Hammerhand, whom she had first met at the school
many years ago.
She now lives in his Aett along with her other sisters as they work the land and it’s holding.

Player Bio- Adira


Adira was born Astryyd Dalgaard, daughter of a Northern brewer.  On her own after the total destruction of her small village, she has travelled from village to village building a reputation for some of the best mead in all of Torvaldsland. She managed to remain free until the Kurii and raiders left her homeless and wandering the dark forests.  She was found half starved and weak. She was taken by her now Jarl, Bjorn Hammerhand whom she had known from a previous village.  She has adapted to the life of a bond and is very much in love with her Jarl though she is only one of four bonds that he owns.  Two of his bonds were property of hers prior to her being taken.

Player Bio- Bjorn Hammerhand


Bjorn Hammerhand has traveled many places.Born in the north, he traveled to Tyros and trained as a Red Caste, then traveled with the mercenary group as swordsman to the Captain.  After that he then served with a group that split from the mercenary group and was garrisoned for a time in Rorus.  Picking up his roots he settled as a guard in a quiet town, traveling to various villages before claiming his own lands far in the north at the base of a sacred mountain.  He called it the Aett of the Ursa.  He now lives with his bonds and closest companions in the safety of this hidden Inlet, trading and traveling but always returning home.

Settling In

Adira sits at the little desk that her Jarl had placed in the kitchen for the girls to use when needed.  She scrawled some notes on the page about the resources that the Aett had and what she thought it might need to present to the Jarl as he had asked from her.

Grain and suls planted, Rence found growing among the reeds near the water.

Kalana tree found in the woods (*remind the girls to watch for the wild tarsks)

Wild Verr in the mountains and wild tarsks in the woods

Domesticated Vulo set up in the village, Bosk in the fields

Suls paga still and the meadery set up near the docks

Cheese press set up the same

Well dug in the center of the village and windmill built near the fields

Forge set up

Longhall construction complete

Arena currently being built

Thralls working the mines in the mountains, so far, Copper, Iron and Gold found there

Infirmary and apothecary set up and stocked (many of the herbs are found growing in and around the Aett.

Looking at what she set to the paper, she smiled.  The Jarls lands truly are full of resources to make the Aett prosper.  Jarls Loken and Grimr would be in and out of the Aett as they were both prone to wander.  The healer, for the time being, with her brazen attitude toward the Jarl, earned herself a collar.  It saddened Adira.  She had hoped this healer would win her Jarl’s heart.  He needed a free companion to bear him sons, something she knew that she could not do though it made her heart heavy that she could not.  She shook off the thought and continued assessing the Aett as she was instructed.

Nara and she had worked out an education schedule for the girls to teach them what they needed to know.  She thought as she reported this to her Jarl that she would benefit herself from some of Nara’s teachings and looked forward to the chance to learn some of the things that she had neglected to learn.  Skye was in desperate need and Snow just needed some refining.  Tania (the healer) had surprisingly taken to the collar like a fish to water but she would do the classes as well.

Once the Arena was finished, the Aett would have something to draw strong Jarls to come to the Aett for practice and training.  Once surplus can be built up on the supplies, they would have items for trade with other villages.  All in all, the Aett was growing and that pleased Adira greatly.  This very day, a Jarl that she had met once before when she traveled south as a Free women to take Nara who was then called Treasure, came to the Aett to make it his home.  She looked forward to a full hall with activity, laughter, stories, mead and serving bonds.  She was happy for her Jarl and they were home.

forge at night