Adira the teacher?!

This girl has been asked to possibly teach a 1-hour class on Torvaldsland culture at The Gorean Campus!!  Okay, you can place the blame on her Jarl that tossed her under that Tarn when he was told they were looking for someone!  LOL

*Rushes to re-read Marauders to make sure her information is all accurate

Once I have the class notes, I will post them here as well.  I might need some guinea pigs to sit through a run through class.

Serve with Passion!



Goofing off with my Jarl

Here are some pictures from us playing in my Jarl’s inventory and such last night.

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Serves- Kajira vs. Bond

This is taken from a notecard that I found among the many notecards that I have and thought it would be nice to share.  I have made some changes to the original that was created by Kerria (nicolette.forster).

There is VERY real differences between a Bond (northern slave) and a Kajira (southern slave).  This is never more evident then in the way they serve the frees of Gor.  Here is an example of how a Kajira would serve:

Nara sits poised and calm, backside on her heels, back straight.  Soft green eyes lift slightly as she whispers “This girl begs to serve You, Master.”  
Nara softly repeats back the order before deftly stepping back and rising.  Lush curves unfold, chocolate tresses whip amidst a flutter of diaphanous silk, hips swaying provocatively, she shrinks away to the kitchen.
Nara pulls out a tray and sets it on the counter, wiping it down with a soft cloth.  In close succession she takes out a series of items, placing them on the tray; two bowls of sugar, one of cream, three small spoons.  She wipes each item, looking back at him as she polishes the spoons, a seductive smile gracing her lips.  Making sure he is watching, supple curves extend revealingly as she stretches past a cup that sits close to grab one on the high shelf, bringing it down and methodically polishing it as she walks over to the fire.
Nara carefully fills the cup from the kettle over the fire and sets it down on the tray.  Carefully lifting the tray, her eyes never leaving him as tender feet guide her past obstacles hard and soft to his side.  Unmistakable grace lowers her to the floor, the tray settling beside her.  Using one spoon for each, she adds four spoonfuls of the white and six spoonfuls of the sweet yellow sugar.  She delicately adds a drizzle of cream and stirs it in.
Nara shivers, feeling his eyes upon her giving her unimaginable sensations that only a slave can know.  She carefully holds the cup to her cheek, testing the temperature before gently kissing the side of it.  She ceremoniously lifts the cup high above her lowered head, arms extended, presenting the cup to him as she whispers serenely “Your blackwine with cream and sugar as You requested, Master.”
Nara whispers softly “Thank You for allowing me the privilege of serving You, Master.  This girl wishes You well, Master.” and slips away to serve others.
As you can see, very formal, very methodical and predictable.  The movements and serves are as practiced as one would the steps of a dance, very similar to a Japanese tea ceremony.  There is a very specific action for each thing that a Kajira must do in a serve.  The Kajira remind me very much of the Geisha of Japan.  The sensuality is there and hinted at, the Kajira are coy and covertly flirtatious with the men as if to say, “I am slave, and here is a hint of what you get with me.”  A man really has no idea of what the girl is but there is that tease and promise of something that he can conquer.
Now, to see the contrast, below is a typical Bond serve:
Adira steps to the man, smiling seductively as she slips up on the bench beside him, her smoldering body shamelessly pressing against him.  One hand slides across his strong back as her other crawls along his belt, finding his horn.  Tiny fingers stroke the horn up and down as she licks and sucks at his neck, whispering huskily in his ear “perhaps something warm to satisfy Your mouth, Jarl?”
Adira smiles softly as she turns, a soft finger trailing down His arm.  She quickly scurries away, the big horn held firmly in her tiny hand.  The thick air barely soothing as she cuts through it, the artificial breeze bowing to her molten flesh.  Fire dances across porcelain skin, her eyes flashing on the man as she quickly fills his horn, unable to keep her thoughts from what such a man could do with her.
Adira steps with a menacing seductiveness back to him, her eyes fixed upon him as her teeth hungrily press into her soft lips.  One leg on the bench beside him she lifts her other, settling it on his other side, her fiery eyes looking deep into his eyes she holds the horn to his lips, her lush wanton body shamelessly pressing against him, words softly slipping past a gentle moan “Here Jarl, something hot and sticky for You.”
Adira moves on to serve another, a sexy switch in her step as she turns her head and calls out “I love you my Jarl!”
Much less covert and much more direct.  There is no formality in a northern serve, no permission asked IF the girl can serve.  It is expected that a bond will serve a Jarl.  The Jarl knows by the girls actions exactly how she is willing to serve the Jarl and is openly wonton, attempting to gain this Jarls favor that it be his furs she is chained in that evening.  The Bonds are much more carefree with their emotions and desires as is expected of them by the men of the north.  Such boldness might be unnerving to a southern master as such reservedness would be to the men of the north.
Each slave, Kajira and Bond, have their place in the world of Gor.

Caring for Nara

Adira came from the woods where she had been picking larmas for the next batch of mead.  Seeing the frees by the fire, she bounces happily to them offering both a fruit from her basket.  The healer accepted the fruit with a smile.  As Adira turns to her Jarl, her happy mood sours as she sees the look on his face.

“When you complete your chores, remove the beast from the pole and tend to her wounds.  Once done, secure her in the Vulo barn.  That will be her home now.  You are now first girl.  Make sure the girls behave or believe me, you will be punished for every infraction.” he gruffs at her.

Adira nearly drops the basket of fruit at his words, her mouth open in shock.  Slowly she turns to the post standing outside the Longhall.  Gasping in horror, she sees the beaten bloodly form of Nara hanging limply on the post.  Tears spring to her eyes and she looks back wanting to question her Jarl but daring not.  “Ye…..yes, my Jarl.” she stammers.  Trying to remain calm she sets the larma basket down and moves to the post.  Incapable of holding back the tears, she lets them roll down her cheeks as she struggles with trembling hands to untie the restraints holding the battered bond.  Cursing under her breath at the tightness of the restraints she finally manages to loosen them enough and gathers Nara in her arms and lowers her to the ground.

The little bond’s groggy eyes flutter open and immediate winch with pain.  “I am sorry Nara.” she whispers.  “Lets get you to the baths and get these wounds clean.”  She helps the struggling bond to her feet and practically carries her to the bath not looking back at the Jarl or the Healer for fear that they would both see the anger on her face.

In the bath, Adira fills the tub with lukewarm water while Nara lays still on the fur rug.  Once satisfied with the temperature, she lowers the bond, carefully and slowly into the tub wincing herself every time Nara winced.  She stripped off her own clothing and got into the bath with her grabbing a clean rep cloth.  She slowly begin wiping her body starting with the places that the wound were not to get the sweat and grime from her body then slowly and carefully begin to gently clean the wounds.  Several times Nara cried out as the warm water stung deep wounds.  After a bit, when Nara seemed more cognitive, Adira wiped tears from her face and spoke low and gentle to her.

“He wishes you to be chained in the vulo barn.” she said.  Nara just numbly nodded her head.

“He has stripped you of First Girl as well.” her words choking in her throat as she was still stunned at the command from her Jarl.  Nara turned and with deeply saddened eyes looked at Adira.  Adira could not look at her face.  “He made me First Girl.”  tears again flooded from her eyes.  She never wanted to be first girl and she certainly did not want it this way.  She managed to glance up to see a weak smile on Naras face, “Congratulations, sister” she whispered.  “I don’t want it, Nara.  I am not sure what you did to incur his wrath but it seems you are lucky to be alive.”  she continued to gently clean her wounds the moved behind her to wash the sweat and dirt from her hair.

Adira warred with herself over the whole ordeal.  She really was happy with how things had been and really did not want the responsibility of making sure the rest of the girls behaved.  After all, her Jarl had a pack of little barbarians.  The fact that Nara, the best trained of them all was sitting before her in a bath of bloody water struck true fear into her heart at how well she could control ANY of his bonds.  She helped her out of the tub once she had cleaned her as well as she could and let her air dry so as not to have the rough towel touch her wounds.

“Let’s get you to the infirmary so that the mistress can bandage those up.”  She walked slowly beside Nara to the infirmary and helped her onto the table where the mistress worked on applying healing salve and bandaging her body.  Of course the mistress wanted to talk about it which Adira truly did not want to hear but she listened to her speak and to her instructions anyway.  Somehow it did not surprise Adira that it was Nara’s flippant mouth that had gotten her in trouble.  There were times that Adira thought the words choked in the healers throat and she would turn and wipe her face before continuing.  She did not want Nara in the Vulo barn but the Jarl was not going to be argued with on this point.

Once done, Adira helped Nara out of the infirmary.  The healer had given her valerian tea to help her sleep and it was already making her groggy.  She led her to the vulo barn, spread a Verr fur out on the ground and secured the battered bond to the slave ring set in the wall there with a sigh.  She turned to leave, “Rest as you can, Nara”.  she said.  “Yes First chain” Nara replied.  Adira winced as if she had been slapped wheeled around feeling like the comment had been sarcastic and condescending.  It was not SHE that brought this change about.  Her angry retort died in her throat though as she saw the girl settle down on fur and fall fast asleep.  Adira knelt beside her and wept.

On Honor

Saw this on a friends profile picks and loved it so much, I had to repost the quote….

“Honor…it is a word many say, yet few aspire to live by. It cannot be bought, sold, demanded or otherwise obtained except by your own actions. Each person, slave or Free has a sense of what honor is, but understanding how honor controls even the smallest of details is entirely another matter. One must always strive to have Personal Honor. Personal honor is controlled by each’s own actions and words. It is born within, and shown over time and through actions. It is also the quickest thing one can lose, and cannot be recuperated. Honor is not taken lightly by Goreans.”

~Witness of Gor, p.711

Fog on the Aett

So, last night I had messed with my graphics settings for some pictures and instead of moving it back to the setting between LOW and MID, I left it at MID.  When I logged on this morning, this was the picture I was met with………FOG on the Aett!!  How cool!!!

fog(Ignore my bare backside, giggles)

I shifted the Environment from Sunrise to Mid Day to Sunset to Midnight to see which this was but it was not any of those so I concluded that this must be the in between just before Sunrise or Just after Sunset.

So, play with your graphics!!  You might find some surprises!!

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