Props to Enhance Your Roleplay

Part of what makes roleplay different in SL is that there is a visual aspect not present in traditional roleplaygames.  In addition to setting scenes with our words, we can set them with props as well.
About the Aett are placed many stations to add to the feel of the roleplay; a kitchen counter wether you can bake, stir or lounge, a sink to clean dishes, a hay pile near the barn with animations.  In spring and summer, there are gardens and laundry stations. But what about everything else? I am a huge fan of wearable props for roleplay.  Here are some of my favorites.

Things to carry
As bonds, we are always carrying and toting things; laundry, wood, food, eggs, supplies, whatever the Jarl’s want you to. Instead of just emoting this,I like to provide a visual both for those I am playing with as well as myself. Here are some of my favorites:

Carrying wood. This is made by Adi’s Stuff.


This builder has crates, barrels and serving trays as well.

Ginger Line puts out a variety of wearable props.  This is a versatile had carry basket that you can change the contents texture.


They also have yours for carrying water, friends and other items:


There are many different pitchers, brooms, wash buckets, etc. There are also a variety of slave huds.  This first one has slave positions as well as chores.  It is script heavy though and since most collars use the Open Collar script that has the positions in them, it is redundant.


This one is is a better one in this girls opinion:


If you are playing some place wear you are not allowed rez anything, there are some wearable chores the will rez everything you need as you wear it; the trees, the clothes line, the leaves, everything.  I have not found it on Marketplace but will locate the store in game and post the link.

Chores to Rez Ingame

There are many vendors that make chores that you can rez and use to augment your roleplay. Many times, I am doing a chore that is time consuming like cooking and making butter. Instead of standing there, my AO making me look bored and fidgety, I like to rez a butter churn or cutting board to visually represent what I am doing.  Below are just a few stores that carry good Roleplay Chores:

Market of Gor (They don’t have a Graphic for their store)


Black Rose

Kei's spot



Velvet whip ginger line


These are just some of my favorites. Search the Marketplace for the chores that reflect the things you do about your Aett. As I come on more, I’ll add them here.
I hope you and serve with passion!


Suitable Summer-wear for the conscientious Bond

I post my suggestions for what By The Book attire is for a bond in my last post found here but lets face it, we all like variety and well sometimes it is just too hot in the summer for all that wool and skirts and sleeves!  (lol)

So here are my suggestions of ‘kirtles’ that fall in the Northern bent even though they are not completely By The Book.

The first one is currently our Jarl’s favorite even though it is not REALLY a kirtle, it is utilitarian for working and for the Jarl to have full access to his girls easily 😉  It comes in a variety of colors to please any Jarl.


This one is a nice simple short sleeve kirtle that covers you nicely for working in the fields but the Jarl will still have no problem getting at the parts of you he wishes (grins)  It comes in 5 different colors.

Jarl's Pleasure

This next one is soooooo not BTB but it covers most of you and plunges to the naval like a kirtle.  This one should be called threadbare Kirtle because that is all that is left of a perfectly good kirtle.  That being said, it is VERY sexy and my Jarl tends to like it very much.  So perfect hot summer wear!

*BC* Brynja Kirtle Tan

This one is similar to one my my Winter Kirtle page called the Marna but this one does not have the long sleeves so to the summer wear it gets placed.  It comes in 3 colors; red, teal and gray.  It fits the avatar well and is nice casual wear for working the farm on a summer day.

LUAS ZEPHORAH KIRTLE GREY silks camisk kajira bond

The next couple fall into the spagetti strap kirtle that is also not BTB but the bulk of the dress fits.  The plunging neckline, unlaced to the naval.  They tend to be shorter but the style is reminiscent of the kirtle so I have used them as well.  The first one here comes in white and tattered.  The second comes in 8 colors including some terribly pastel ones but again, variety!

{r} Jarl's Girl Dirty White

INN: Red Kirtle

I found this next one on sale in game but then found it again on Marketplace.  It is simple but nice for the summer months.  It comes in 5 different colors.

:SH: Vanni (Grass)


Now for some things to AVOID if you are playing on a Northern Sim.

The following pictures are of commonly found outfits in SecondLife that are listed as ‘Kirtles’ but that are NOT Kirtles in any way.  When you type “Kirtle” in the search on SL Marketplace, you will get all sorts of products.  Here are some to avoid for Northern bonds.

This first one is a Camisk.  It is usually a strip of fabric that is slipped over the head and belted at the waist to hold it on.  It is always short, barely covering your treasures.  Excellent for Southern Kajira but not Bonds.  (and yes, I have of these that I am guilty of wearing once in a while, BAD Bond, no cookie)

LUAS VIVIENNE RED Partial Mesh Camisk kajira bond

This is a better example of a Camisk.

{{ICLy}} " Lucilina" Mesh camisk Slink Physique & The Mesh project compatible! DEMO

This next one I am not sure what to call it but it is not something that you would wear in the winter, no matter how sexy it is or what they call it.

~Soedara~ Winter of Hedwig {White}

Clothing that is half on and half off…….why bother wearing clothing at all??  lol

::AME:: - Agored Black

Also, stay away from clothing that look like they should be on the Panthers (the runaway slaves of the Northern Forests)


Araitz brown .UNa. 18 TAG

There are a lot of outfits that have crop tops and barely there ‘skirts’ or strips of long fabric between the legs.  Though this look is perfectly suitable for the slave girls of the wagon people, it is not for the northern bond.

* May's Soul* Victoria black

Also, avoid outfits that look like modern lingerie.

*May's Soul* Eti camisk cream

And finally, do not show up in a northern sim as a bond wearing the silks of the southern Kajira.  Bonds were not the trophy slaves of the south and few Jarls would look upon a bond in silks as anything but a spoiled princess.

LUAS FAITH SILKS RED camisk kajira bond

Please note that I am not picking on these builders.  They all make EXCELLENT products for Kajira, panthers, slaves of all sorts and Bonds.  There were just some of the best examples I could find.

I hope you have found this information to be useful.  I did not use links on the “What Not to Wear” pics but you can find them on Marketplace if you like.

As always,

Serve with Passion!



What do Bonds REALLY wear ??

There is MUCH debate in Second life on what a ‘kirtle’ actually is and how to be properly dressed…..when dressed (snickers) for role play on the Aett.

First and foremost, we are Kajira in the sense that the word means ‘slave’ but we are NOT ‘Silks’ and we don’t where them, period.  Unless for some strange reason the Jarl orders it.

A Kirtle is simply and under dress that ALL women wear.  It is their underwear, so to speak.  The bottom layer dress.  The bonds, would leave the front lacing open to the naval and would hitch up the sides and presumably tuck them into a belt to hold them up, showing their bare legs.

Now, in SL it is very difficult to find true Kirtles but I have assembled some links and pics from martketplace that will help.

In the winter months, a bond would not be without boots, cloaks, gloves, etc., when outside.  It is simply too cold.  Serving naked is fine in a nice warm hall but you would not be outside in the snow barely dressed.

These are some of my suggestions of good kirtles available on the SL Marketplace.  *You should be able to click on the pics and it take you to the Marketplace page where you can purchase them.

Winter Kirtles

This first one is maybe one of the closest to a real kirtle.  I am not crazy about the boots or the scarf but the dress itself is awesome.  It comes in several colors and though kirtles were typically white or neutral colored, some variety in game is nice.  A couple of the colors look like my Grandmothers couch in plaid, lol, but they are still good choices.  It has long sleeves that you can take off for summer wear.

Boucle Up! Kirtle White

This next one is my all time favorite dress.  It is versatile and with the full skirt is VERY close to a true kirtle.  It comes in 10 different colors all very subtle.  It should be a must for every northern Bond.  I mostly wear the long sleeve version with full skirt.

[knickknack] Marna slave kirtle PURPLE

This one is my second favorite that I have.  It also comes in several colors.  At first I was not sure about it as it showed more breast then I think is necessary on a daily basis but evidently the amount of nipple showing completely depends on your skin and shape.  Mine is not too bad.

BINA "Pudding's Winter Kit" *blue*BOXED


Next is another very simple one but it is a good representation of a kirtle.  It too comes in a variety of colors for those who wish to have variety.

Kirtles I - Gray


Though this one is less traditional, I did like it for the little sweater that came with it.  I am able to wear that sweater with a variety of my other “summer” kirtles and coupled with some boots and leg warmers makes a perfectly acceptable winter outfit.  It also comes in about 6 color choices.

Red Olive "Greta" Slave outfit *Pink*


This next one is not my favorite but it does fit the true kirtle, sort of.  They would not have been split on the sides but this one is warm and cozy.  I usually leave off the fur thing and just wear a cloak.  It come is several color choices as well.  If you happen to have the Lola breasts, this outfit works with them too.

*BC* Jesuil Kirtle Red

This next one is very versatile.  It is a borderline as far as being correct attire goes but coupled with a cloak or the sweater from the GRETA above, it works nicely for all seasons.

[V/W] Rover Girl Brown Outfit - Complete fantasy dress / kirtle, with 2 skirt versions, mesh poncho, boots and warmers

OH!!  I almost for got about this one.  It is one of my very favorites that I own!!  (Yes, I am going through my inventory while I write this post, 🙂 )  It comes on 3 colors, white, brown and green and looks fantastic on!

*BC* Working Girl Kirtle Green

Since this post is so long, I will post my choices for SUMMER wear in next post found here.  Those will not be as By The Book but they are good options for summer time when even in the far north, the weather can warm up some.

For now,

Serve with Passion!




Huge changes at the Aett

We completely re-landscaped and terraformed the Aett, moving the village higher in the mountains and adding light defenses.  We still have no plans for opening to raids as there are not that many folks here yet.  We build a new more traditional hall with more functional space.

We moved the fields and the working kitchen to a platform to cut down on the Kitchen spam from the G&S stove and it has helped tons.

We added more water and a larger dock with a nice forest at the base of the mountain and even a little hidey hole cave.  We are proud of the changes and thing you will like them too!

Feel free to shoot me a message in game (astryyd resident) for a Landmark.  Come and visit.