New Recipes in the Cookbook and New G&S Stuff!!

Yesterday morning, Sombra released new items for the G&S system.  Yay!!!!  Among the new items was an update to the Vulo pens.  They are larger and a bit more interactive.  To go along with this, Sombra has created a better system for using the Vulos as messenger doves.  You could always attach a message to a Vulo and give it to someone but now he has added a desk that allows you to ‘write’ a message on papyrus, give it to the bird, send it and have it come home.  There is a Dovecote where you Vulo will return with messages.

Now, for the desk.  As this is brand new, I am not 100% on how it works but you have to load papyrus into it to ‘write’ your messages.  Where do you get papyrus, you ask?  Why from the Rence!!  I was so happy to see that he did not let this aspect of the Rence fall by the wayside as in the books, it and food are the Rences main uses.

There is a Rence Papyrus factory that you put bales of Rence in to make papyrus.  The Level of the Rence determines the level of the papyrus.


With the Desk, you can also ‘Study’ books that sombra has put out.  Recipes for food and Blacksmithing.  Again, I have not been able to test it fully but the gist of it is that you sit at the desk, then load papyrus and candles into it.  You set one of the books near the desk and click ‘Study’ on the menu.  It places the book before you and tells you what you need to study.  The ones I looked at needed 5 Level 1 papyrus, 3 Level 2 papyrus, 2 Level 3 papyrus, 3 candles, 1 hour of time study and 500 G&S coins.

I will update here in the comments once I have done this to report on what the ‘Studying’ actually does.

In addition to the new items, there are new recipes too!  I have added them to the cookbook though I don’t have the energy values.  I will update those as soon as I have them.  The new recipes are:

Eggs au Gratin
Blood Sausage Omelette
Bundt Cake
Caramel Kalana
Cream Pancakes & Syrup
Crumbed Bosk
Crumbed Vulo
Crumbs of War
Mashed Suls with Bacon
Vulo Soup
Vulo with Grapes

I am looking forward to cooking some of the new meals for my Jarl and Mistress!!