New Carpentry Shop for G&S!!

Sombra has released the newest Roleplay items for the G&S system…..CARPENTRY!!

You have a carpentry table and trees.  The trees grow and you cut them down to get wood to make a variety of project.


Adira chopping down her first tree


More Tree Chopping

Here is the 3 Prim Building that my Jarl made out of our newly harvested trees.


Jarl’s new Workshop

This girl has already added the new Carpentry Recipes to the this website.  They can be found here: Carpentry Recipes.  I have also added the tool recipes for the Carpentry shop to the Blacksmithing recipes where valid as well as adding the Masterwork tools recipes.

There is also a NEW Learned recipe for the kitchen though I have not learned it yet.  It is for a Cake House.  It looks like a Ginger Bread type house.

As the Aett grows again, we have added and altered our lands and our farm to suit and fit the needs of our Jarl.  I will soon be composing a chore list and map of all the things that need to be done by us girls on Aett per my Jarl’s instruction.  He does rule us girls with an ‘HammerHand’ but we all knows that he cares for his girls.

Jarl Bjorn working in his new shop.

Jarl Bjorn working in his new shop.


One comment on “New Carpentry Shop for G&S!!

  1. The prism building looks awesome. I am sure you will need to advertise a few Labouring Jobs in a few days given the amount of trees one is going to require for bigger projects.

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