The Aett

The Aett of the Ursa

As we have grown, upsized, downsized and more, the Aett has changed in the past years.  Now we have a focus of just being a functioning farm.  We raise bosk, verr, tarsk and vulo as well has growing Sa’tarna(grain) to feed the herds.

We have added back Suls fields, Rence plants and the Hives for honey and candles.

While most of the production factories are not out, we will occasionally put one out to make something that there is need for or that we wish to produce for sale at the markets.

Here is a general layout of the Aett as of this time:

Aett map

The Rence plants are in a cave on the mainland as they need Linden water to grow.  The Stump teleports will give you the option for Rence to get there to care for them.

People of the Aett and their responsibilities:

Jarl Bjorn Hammerhand– Aett owner and Jarl of this land

His word goes, he manages the entirety of the Aett.  He works the forge and the Carpentry shop to produce goods for the Aett and to sell.  He decides when and where the Aett travels for RP and trade.

Adira– Bond and first girl to the Jarl

Manages the products produced by the Aett and the markets.  She organizes the Aetts arrangement, cooks, does the butchering and works the production factories and assigned duties to the other girls at the direction of the Jarl.  She is, however, ONLY a slave @~’~~,~~

Nara– Bond to the Jarl

Manages the Jarls livestock, determining, based on the Aetts needs, what and how many of the different types of animals the farm will raise unless otherwise over ruled by the Jarl.  Though others of the girls will milk and sheer the beasts, Nara is the primary one that will feed, water and Birth them.  Nara also does the butchering when needed.

Deka, Snow, Skye and Kateryna– Bonds to the Jarl

These are the other bonds of the Jarl that perform varying duties as needed.  They all have varying degrees of play and come and go but all are welcome on the Aett.  Some are learning SL Gor and some have been around the world for a while.  Feel free to engage in RP with any of them that you see on the Aett.

Free Men and Friends of the Aett

Jarl Gunnar(Weylyn)- He is a fixture on the sim as a whole and First Axe of the Aett.  He does not RP much but is welcome to just BE on the Aett when this Jarl wishes.

Jarl Grimr- This older Jarl makes an appearance from time to time as a guest to the Hall of Jarl Hammerhand.

Jarl Loken- Young, rowdy and lusty, this Jarl will also make an appearance from time to time.

Mistress Iceheart and her girl Tessa- Both of the wagon people, this harsh mistress makes her appearance from time to time much to the terror of the bonds.  She is harsh and cold but close friends with the Jarl.

Mistress Danara- Also a hard true free women of the North, she stops by from time to time keeping the bond girls of the Aett running.

Chores for the Aett:

There are lots of things to do and work on ON the Aett and FOR the Aett.  If you are a bondmaid, be sure you stay busy either in RP with someone OR doing chores.  Below is a list of things you can be doing:

**Tools for the different RP Chores will be stored on the wall in the workshop.  If you need one, you may take one (just click it to get one).  Once it is at 0% durability, it needs to be placed in the Broken Tools box in the workshop and a new one retrieved from the wall when you need it next.  If there is not one in the storage on the wall you will need to let the Jarl know.  Please do not have more than one of each tool in your inventory at a time.

  • Roll the Fields– all of the fields, Suls, Grain and Rence, need to have their CARE at 2/2 all the time.  The RENCE especially.  This is how we get the higher level Rence for better paper and more Rence Flour uses.  To do this, make sure your RP-HUD is on and that your energy is at 100% to start.  Where your Hoz/Sickle. Then press the small RolePlay button on the right of the RP-HUD.  At the blue menu, find the button or Care Fields and press it.  It will randomly ‘roll’ a die number between 1-20.  10 and up are successes, 9 and below are failures.  Every time you ‘Roll’ your energy will go down so be sure you have cooked some fish or gruel for you to eat to keep your energy up. (Refer to the recipes for energy values)
  • Harvest Fields (suls, grain and Rence), Gather Eggs, Gather Honey and candles–  When these things are ready for harvest, you are welcome to harvest them.  Once done, store them in their boxes in the store haus (the grain is stored in the hay pile near the livestock and Water basin.  The easy way to move items from yours inventory to a box or storage is to drag the item TO the box or storage container while holding the CTRL key.  You will see the storage container outline in RED.  Drop the item there and release the CRTL key at the same time.  This places the item IN the storage container.
  • Milk Bosk, Milk and Shear Verr and Gather Eggs– Milking can be done twice per day and Shearing can be done when the fur is long enough.  Eggs regenerate one egg per hour as long as there are 5 Vulo in the coops.  Do not take Vulo from the Coops unless told to.  It takes 5 days for the Vulo to regen in the coop and another 12 hours to get eggs from them.  When you click on the Vulo coop, it might ask you to Load Water or Grain, go ahead and do this.  The rezzer in the middle will rezz new water and grain as needed.  Just click the menu selections for adding it to the coops when prompted only.
  • Cook– there is always a need for food on the Aett.  The Bonds need it for energy for rolling fields, spinning wool, fishing, shearing, mining and butchering.  Each girl is responsible to make her own food for these tasks.  The Jarl needs food for working the forge and the carpentry shop.  There is a box beside the forge that cooked food can be dropped into for the Jarl to rezz as needed. There is hover text that tells how many items are in that box.  If you see that it is low (less than 10) make some high energy items to go in that box.  There is a complete recipe book on the website  There is also food storage IN the house in the corner shelf (you will need to know the spanish names for the food or just be happy with what you get from the menu)   This food is for RP or if needed it can be used.  (Adira will work on a translation of the food)  **Cooking Grilled Fish is one of the easiest things to make for energy.  We have a lot of fish in a barrel near the cooking fire.  Just click the barrel and it will rezz a fish for you to cook.  The Cook Fire will take it right from the top of the barrel. No need to move it =)
  • Fishing– though currently our fish barrels are FULL of regular fish, we can always use more of the special fish that you get from fishing at tournaments, not to mention fishing is just FUN!  You will need the Fishing Rod 2.0 from Sombra. (Fishing Rod 2.0 Survivor Model- There are other models but this is the most primitive.)  Tournaments run for limited times in varying locations.  The areas are all SAFE ZONES.  In other words, you can go and fish without fear of capture being without your Jarl.  You can find the list of current tournament locations HERE.  There is storage for the different kinds of fish and seafood that you catch in the Store Haus. Scrap Metal can be given directly to the Jarl and Gold baskets can be stored in the GOLD chest in the Aett Farm House.
  • Spinning Wool– The spinning wheel is located between the house and the store house.  There is wool stored in the Store Haus.  Just like with everything in the store house, be sure you are wearing your Aett tag and click the box.  It will give you one of the items from the box.  You can retrieve baskets of wool from the wool box to spin.  To do this, sit on the Spinning wheel and set out the basket of wool.  When prompted on the menu, load the wool and start spinning.  Again, be sure your energy level is at 100% to start.  It lessens the time that it takes to spin.  Before storing the thread in the thread box in the storage haus, rezz it out on the ground then pick it back up.  This changes the thread name to English to better id it.  Then store it in the Store Haus.
  • Churning Butter– The butter churn is also between the house and the store haus.  To use the churn, sit on it and rezz several containers of milk.  Load the milk when prompted by the menu and churn.  It takes 9 milks to make 1 butter.  This keeps us from having to make butter the old fashion way which was to use milk to make cream and then cream to make butter.  Store the Butter in the butter storage in the Store Haus.
  • Sweeping the Workshop– When the Jarl uses the Carpentry shop, it get dirty and it is required that we girls use the Broom 2.0 to clean it.  To do this, make sure you are wearing your RP-HUD and your energy is high, find the Broom 2.0 in your inventory.  Brooms can be found in the corner of the workshop.  Take one from the storage broom and use it until the Durability runs out.  Then place it in the Broken tool storage and get another broom next time you need it.  Wear or add the broom.  Then click the broom on your RP-HUD to begin sweeping.  You will need to move around the shop in the vicinity of the Carpentry table to get the area clean.  The table will look covered with dust when it is not clean.

Other Chores:

These are chores that you will do ONLY when asked to do so by the Jarl or the First Girl.

  • Mining– Whether it is for Gold, Bronze or Iron, sometimes there is need for the girls to mining and get these materials for the Jarls projects.  To mine, you need to be wearing your RP-HUD and have your energy at 100%.  Make sure you have food on you as you will need to eat during this process.  For the Iron and Bronze, wear a pickaxe.  You can find the pickaxes hanging on the wall in the workshop, click to take one.  RETURN it when you are done with it.  IF the Durability of the PickAxe is under 20%, place it in the broken tools box in the workshop.  The Jarl will fix broken tools and hang them back up in the workshop.  Sit on the Mine that you wish to work on and you will start mining.
  • Cutting down trees– This will be done to get materials for the Jarl to used in the Carpentry shop.  We will have the trees in various states of growth so be sure to only cut down what you have been asked to.  The trees take 4 days to increase in size and therefore take 12 days to reach maximum size.  Once they are cut down, it takes 4 days for them to return.  To cut a tree down you need to wear the Axe.  Axes can be found hanging in the Workshop.  Take one from the storage Axe and use it until the Durability runs out.  Then place it in the Broken tool storage and get another Axe next time you need it.  Make sure your RP-HUD is at 100% energy to start. Click the tree and click “Fell” on the menu.  Then SIT on the tree.  Once it is done, it will give you a box called ‘rezzme’.  Rezz it on the ground, click it and click “OK” on the menu that pops up.  Then Move!  A falling tree that hits you will cause damage.  Pick up the log and place it in the Log Pile outside the Workshop or hand it to the Jarl.
  • Various Factories– There might be a time that the Aett will require more Cheese, Mead, Paga, Papyrus, Wine, etc.  When that is the case, that factory will be set out and you will be asked to help maintain it by feeding into it what it takes for production.  Those will be gone over at that time.  Most are as simple as sitting the items near the factory.

We are a small Aett but a proud one.  Make the Jarl proud of his girls by being productive.  We will be drama free or the Jarl will punish accordingly.  Sometimes the Jarl will choose to take us to other sims to visit or trade.  When this is done, we are all expected to Roleplay or refrain from going.  The Bondmaids are free to go to OOC Markets, OOC Fishing areas and other OOC locations but please do not go to a RP sim or if you do, do not bring Drama from that sim back to the Aett.  For example, if you go to RP sim and get captured, it is not your Jarl’s place to join in that RP to bring you back.

Serve with Fire! @~’~~,~~


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