G&S Role Play System

One of the coolest things about Second Life is that you can create anything.  All it takes is some knowledge of certain graphics programs and the LSL scripting language to which there are many tutorials that help teach it.

One such talented builder is Sombra Magic who created a FANTASTIC Role Play commerce system within the game that allows you to grow food, cook food, eat food to gain energy, raise animals for food , wool, milk and other products like oil for the forges.  You can craft items as a blacksmith working the forge or weave rugs and wall hangings.  It is very indepth and VERY fun.  On our sim, we use a lot of the G&S items.  We have mines for the ore you need for working the forge, we have gardens and we raise Bosk, Tarsks and Verr.  We also have the burrows for hunting wild tarsk.  We have the spinning wheel and the loom for making the wool into beautiful creations.  And of course the Kitchen for creating the foods we need to serve the Jarls and eat to gain energy that we lose by mining, working the forge, butchering and tending the fields.  OH and did I mention you can fish?  Anywhere there is 20 meter deep Linden water, you can fish with their rod.

I have put together some reference pages for some of these systems that can be accessed here or on the Navigation bar.

G&S Cookbook

G&S Blacksmith

G&S Weaving

In addition, there is a page that give you the Spanish/English translations and a G&S Helpful Info page that tells some things that you need to know about your G&S products.

Be sure to also check out the official G&S Product Information & Help files on Google Drive.

As I come up with more information about the system, I will post it here or in my blog.  If you are interested to purchasing the G&S stuff, here is a link to their Marketplace store:




4 comments on “G&S Role Play System

  1. Sonya says:

    I love the G&S RP system. Is there a list anywhere of which Gorean sims are actively using it?

  2. astryyd says:

    There used to be one but the list that I have in game is old. I would recommend joining Sombra’s group in game or joining one of the G&S Trade groups. That is the best way to find sims that support the system. I can tell you that the Wagons of Turia sim does use it extensively.

  3. Arias Xin Li says:

    Admittedly even non-gor medieval sims will use the system. It’s quite engaging.

  4. jaywarlock says:

    can you use this on any sim/homestead, id love to try this out on my land

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