Spanish to English Translations

One of the most challenging issues with the system for those that do not read Spanish, is that many of the text and such is in Spanish as that is the language of the creator.  Thanks to a well written notecard by ЌЯIƧƮΛŁ (kristal.clarity), we have a translation 🙂 I have rearranged them in alphabetical order by the Spanish to make it easier to look up and as I come across some of the phrase that appear in the Open chat, I will add them to the list. Most of the products have an option for chosing English but unless you know that Idioma means Language in Spanish, it might take a few to figure out how to change it.

I hope you enjoy!


Abrevadero y comedero de carne Feeder (Meat)
Alambique de sul paga Sul Paga Distillery
Alambique paga Paga Distillery
Alambique sake Sake Distillery
Arbol Ka-la-na Ka-la-na Tree
Camp de arroz Rice Field
Camp de vid Vineyards (Grapes)
Campo de grano Grain Field
Campo de suls Sul Field
Cana de pescar Fishing Rod
Carniceria Butchery
Cocina magica Kitchen
Colmena Beehive
Comedero Feeder (Grain)
Embotelladora etiquetadora vino de Ka-la-na Ka-la-na Wine Bottling and Labeling
Empaquetadora y carne de bosk Bosk Meat Packaging and Labeling
Empaquetadora y carne de verr Verr Meat Packaging and Labeling
Etiquetadora de barrilles de vino Wine Barrel Labeling
Etiquetadora queso Cheese Labeling
Fabrica de mondedas Mint Factory
Fabrica de queso Cheese Factory
Fermentado Fermentor 2.0 (Beer & Rence Beer)
Fermentador cerveza Beer Fermentor
Fermentador hidromiel Mead Fermentor
Forja Forge
Gallinero vulos Vulo Coop
Grabadora de escudos Shield Embosser
Harina Flour
Harina de Rence Rence Flour
Horno de fundicion Foundry
Mercado de grano Grain Market
Mina de cobre Copper Mine
Mina de hierro Iron Mine
Minda de oro Gold Mine
Molina de bombeo Windmill Water Pump
Piedra de afilar Grindstone
Planta de rence Rence Plant
Planta de vino negra (cafe) Black Wine Plant (coffee plant)
Plantas kanda Kanda Plant
Pozo Water Well
Prensa de uvas Winepress
Rueca Spinning Wheel
Telar Loom

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